10. Tokenomics

King of Legends game is built on the blockchain BNB chain (Bep20). Token $KOL will be used to buy, sell, create NFT, and staking to receive attractive rewards. The game's open-source codebase will have an active development team working to improve the game to provide a more engaging experience. The game will also be on a blockchain that can provide instant upgrades and easily launch the contest/event, essentially a never-ending campaign. $KOL is the utility token used to purchase in-game items, characters, and digital assets. The winning teams receive $KOL tokens that can be converted to real-world value through cryptocurrency exchanges. Become a game-winner to earn more $KOL tokens, buy rare in-game items and even exchange them for other cryptocurrencies.

Tokenomics' goal is to enable teams, investors, and players to be rewarded for their efforts and empathize with their hard work through the platform's constant evolution.

An easy-to-invade, hard-to-master world is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game. King of Legends will provide this experience with the added benefit of being a blockchain game, set to revolutionize gaming on almost every level. King of Legends is here, aiming to be the proper leader in blockchain FPS games. By purchasing $KOL tokens early, you will be a cornerstone in this rapidly growing war machine, building your position on the decentralized market and allowing you to participate in community and battles. Join now!

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