2. The history of King of Legends

In the early days, when the Earth was prosperous, people began to know what power was, and it was also when the forces started to build their armies and empires on their lands. From here, we can use the army we recruit to conquer other lands as well as bring resources to our empire. In addition, we can also bring soldiers to destroy monsters to bring resources. Besides, you can use the alliance feature and combine it with your friends to form a federation to fight foreign invaders and protect the territory. These things make the game more attractive and increase your interaction with your friends.

When you start playing the game, you will have your land to build the castle and upgrade. There will be types of mines for you to get resources to develop. Attacking monsters or other players will often appear to attack your land to steal resources. Your mission is to recruit soldiers to protect the city and its resources. There are many types of protective structures such as walls, gun turrets, defense towers, traps, etc...for you to position when defending.

In addition, you can build barracks to recruit soldiers. In the game, there are many types of soldiers with different skills: witches, archers, dragons, etc. If you know how to combine them, you can attack the opponent's castle more easily. You can also upgrade the combat power of soldiers in the barracks as well as use soldiers to earn fame for you.

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