4.3. Land

Coming to the game King of Legends, players can build their land. Not only that, but you can also attack other players' bases to expand your territory and upgrade your Barracks.

The player who deals the most damage to the opponent's land will be the winner. During the battle, if your troops are all dead or the player chooses to end immediately, the match will end. Match results will be calculated by stars or the total damage of both sides at the end of the battle. If the result is a tie, the side that collects more dark energy wins if both sides have the same amount of dark energy and the same total damage, whoever has less time to fight will win. If both sides have dark energy and the total damage and battle time are the same, the result is a draw you will not receive more nor will you lose the trophy. If you have less total damage but have more dark energy than your opponent, you will also win.

The winner will receive Gold, Dark Energy, Soldiers, and Trophy. However, the player can only get Gold and Dark Energy after the first three wins in about 24 hours. Also, when fighting in your Lands, your opponents won't be able to steal your resources. When you have been awarded all three wins, you can continue to fight, if you win you can still get more trophies but no more loot. If you want to get more loot, then wait a day after that. You can also get the loot right away, but in return, return you have to pay with Gems.

The construction process in the Land will be faster if you build the Tower of Time (you can upgrade the tower after expanding the territory and defeating the opponent). You can increase resource production, research, and construction, and upgrade buildings 10 times faster in a given time depending on the level of the Tower of Time. The higher the level of the Tower of Time, the longer the enhancement time.

In addition, the Land also launched a new resource production mine - Mine Ngoc. Gem Mine can produce Gems, but it takes more time than Gold and Dark Energy you can produce more Gems if you upgrade Gem Mine to a higher level.

In the Land, there is only one leader instead of 4 in the Barracks. The Battle Machine was also released with this Tower of Time update. This is the only champion in the game that can control Lightning - a reusable skill.

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