5. NFT Marketplace

The interchangeability of in-game assets is also one of the key features of the King of Legends ecosystem. Players spend many hours in the game collecting valuable items or summoned beasts to increase their odds of winning in the next matches. Players can export their most valuable things as NFTs for display and trading. King of Legends allows them to exploit the full potential of blockchain gaming and mint their own NFTs/items.

NFT Marketplace will be the main source of supply for Alliances and players, based on the model mentioned above. Players use the assets mentioned in the NFT Marketplace to sell, buy or lend the equipment they need to complete their arsenal and team in the easiest way possible. We will bring "Power Crowds" and Alliances with the NFT Marketplace to realize our NFT Metaverse vision.

In other words, the NFT marketplace will serve as a central meeting point for Alliances and users to post their NFTs for purchase, sale, and exchange. When it comes to sales, the NFTs posted will have the value from which bidding will begin, and the highest bidder will be the owner of that NFT.

Transaction fees on the NFT marketplace will be paid in $KOL tokens.

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