4.2. Soldiers and Spirit Beasts

There are four types of soldiers equivalent to 4 levels of upgraded Barracks and two types of energy receivers. soldiers can be upgraded with dark energy and can become super soldiers if upgraded with super dark energy.

Spirit Beasts are similar. All Soldiers and Spirit Beasts have different functions. In addition, the Dark Energy Storage will research to generate energy that allows more space to be expanded, allowing multiple Spirit Beasts to join a battle. Over time, players can unlock new types of Soldiers and Spirit Beasts.

At the Gold Level Barracks, the player can build a Crafting Workshop. This building can create five types of stronghold breakers: Citadel Destroyer, Battle Balloon, Stone Dropping Plane, Flying Barracks, Wood Thrower, and Flamethrower. Super Soldiers - formed when the Barracks have been upgraded - are more powerful types of soldiers than the original versions and have special abilities.

The Platinum Level Town Hall unlocks the Spirit Beasts Barracks - a construction used to assign Spirit Beasts to Heroes, assisting the Heroes while attacking or defending the Barracks. Each type of Spirit Beat support has a different role in supporting the leader.

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