4.1. Castle

Build cities, hoard resources, train armies, research technology, and recruit legendary commanders - everything you do here will determine the future of your empire.

To obtain and store Gold and Weapons, the player must build Gold Mines and Gold Vaults, Weapon Collectors, and Weapon Storage, corresponding to the type of resource you collect. Weapons are used to train new soldiers, conduct raids to gather more soldiers, and are used to attack other players' bases.

Gold is used to build defenses and upgrade the Town Hall, allowing players to access more buildings and level up existing builds.

In the Bronze Barracks, dark energy started to be used. It is used to train, and upgrade soldiers and Generals. At the same time, the player can create Dark Spells and Energy Forts. Defensive structures can be started from the Silver Barracks.

The Silver Barracks provide players with the Grand Warden - the only champion that can be summoned with dark energy, and the Sacred Dragon Cannon - the only defense that can be newly unlocked.

In the Gold Barracks, you can build a Stone Blaster - a new defense and summon more Female Generals - which is the only champion whose favorite target is a defensive building and also the last possible champion summoned at this time.

From the Platinum Barracks, players will be able to upgrade the army camp to level 4 - become a kind of small defensive structure and build a Spirit Beat's Stables to support the generals while attacking.

The player must create Energy Collectors and Dark Energy Storage Research Areas to collect and store more dark energy. From Dark Energy, we can transform into Super Dark Energy.

Many other structures help the player defend the barracks, such as Cannons, Archer Towers, Mortars, Anti-Aircraft Towers, Mage Tower Blowing Towers, Hidden Arc Towers, and Bomb Towers. At the same time, the player can also build and upgrade the wall to a level equivalent to the Barracks level.

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