10.1. $KOL Token Utilization

The $KOL Token serves as a pivotal element in our ecosystem, encompassing various strategic functions that drive engagement and value. These functionalities include:

NFT Acquisition and Gaming: The $KOL Token holds the key to acquiring ERC-1155 NFTs, which, in turn, enable players to immerse themselves in the Mainet 1.0 game version. The captivating aspect lies in the rewards players earn, primarily denominated in BNB, adding a tangible incentive to gameplay.

In-Game Enhancement: Within the gaming universe, the $KOL Token becomes an agent of progression. Players can harness its power to upgrade in-game items, enriching their gaming experience while fostering in-game advancement.

NFT Marketplace Transaction Fees: The $KOL Token extends its utility to our NFT MARKETPLACE as a medium of transaction. It facilitates seamless and efficient transactions by serving as the means for settling fees associated with trading NFTs, reinforcing the fluidity of our ecosystem.

STAKING: Enriching the $KOL Token experience, token holders can engage in staking, a process that yields compelling rewards. Staking duration directly influences the attractiveness of these rewards, creating a symbiotic relationship between token holders and our ecosystem.

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