11. Roadmap

Q4 2021: Laying the Foundation

  • Establishment of the founding team.

  • Capital structuring and project development strategy.

  • Market research and refinement of the project concept.

Q1 2022: Building the Metaverse Platform

  • Development of the metaverse platform.

Q2 2022: Preparing the Ground

  • Project website design.

  • Development of smart contracts.

  • Formulation of marketing strategies.

Q3 2022: Building Anticipation

  • Pre-sale activities.

  • Initiation of marketing strategies.

  • Introduction of the Staking program.

  • Building the King of Legends community.

Q4 2022: Reaching New Heights

  • Listing of $KOL token on CoinMarketCap.

  • Launch of King of Legends Game

Q1 2023: Engaging with the Community

  • Gathering community feedback.

  • Upgrading King of Legends Game 1.

Q2 2023: Expanding Horizons

  • Gathering community feedback.

  • Launching the NFT marketplace.

Q3 2023: Embracing DeFi and Gaming

  • Commencing $KOL staking.

  • Launching smart contracts for $LOH.

  • Commencing the ICO token sale of $LOH on gempad.app.

  • Listing of $KOL token on international exchanges.

Q4 2023: Uniting the Ecosystem

  • Commencing $LOH token staking.

  • Launch of Mainnet 2.0 game.

  • Integration of LOH token into Mainnet 2.0.

  • Launch of an ERC 1155 NFT collection on the NFT marketplace.

Q1 2024: Stepping Forward

  • Kol will continue to build up media coverage to build the brand.

  • Kol is included in the roadmap for the launch of game map 3 in King of Legends.

  • The goal is to list on the world's top 1 exchanges during the Halving season.

Q2 2024: A Vision Taking Shape

  • Listing of $LOH token on international exchanges.

  • Launch of the premium Mainnet 3.0 game.

  • Integration of $KOL + $LOH tokens into Mainnet 3.0. Q3 2024: Community Competitions

  • Extend North America market and traditional gaming global market

  • Staking improving

Q4 2024: Building the Unicorn Momentum

  • Continuation of Staking: The $LOH staking program remains active, offering attractive rewards for our dedicated community members.

  • Mainnet 2.0 Optimization: We diligently work on optimizing and refining the Mainnet 2.0 game to provide an unparalleled gaming experience.

  • LOH Integration: Further integration of the LOH token into the Mainnet 2.0.

  • ERC-1155 NFT Expansion: We continue to enrich the NFT marketplace with unique and valuable ERC-1155 NFT https://kingoflegends.net collections, attracting collectors and gamers alike.

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