9.2. Token Allocation and Token Burn

Pre-sale 20%(TGE 20%, lock 8 Month, vesting 10%/Month)

Team 15%

(TGE 20%, lock 12 Month, vesting 10%/Month)

Partners 10%

(TGE 20%, lock 6 Month, vesting 5%/Month)

Game reward 10%

(TGE 50%, lock 6 Month, vesting 5%/Month)

Affiliate Marketing

15% (TGE 100%)


5% (TGE 100%)

Staking reward

20% (TGE 30%, lock 4 Month, vesting 10%/Month)


5% (TGE 100%)

On 2/15/2024, we will unlock 140,000,000 KOL from the total of 550,000,000 KOL locked on gempad.app and burn this entire amount.

Upcoming Token Burn Schedule:

  • 4/15/2024: Burn KOL from partners with a quantity of 64,000,000 KOL.

  • 4/15/2024: Burn KOL from game rewards with a quantity of 40,000,000 KOL.

  • 5/15/2024: Burn KOL from the pre-sale round with a quantity of 128,000,000 KOL.

  • 10/15/2024: Burn KOL from the development team with a quantity of 96,000,000 KOL.

Follow the KOL token burn at the following address: https://bscscan.com/token/0xd9eade302456aff8bf8d87ff0ef77dab1fb9230f?a=0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

Decreasing the total supply through token burn is a significant step to increase the value of $KOL and bring more benefits to our community. Let's witness the strong development of KOL together!

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