9.3. Token Functionality

$KOL token in the King of Legends ecosystem is used mainly for 2 purposes: Staking & Payment.

The $KOL token serves a variety of functions on the platform or application that hosts them and can grant $KOL token holders distinct rights. Such permissions and functionality have broad implications for users, token holders, core teams, and partners built on top of tokenomics.

The ability to deeply visualize how the $KOL token will change in value in different situations depends in part on a clear understanding of the functions or rights that the $KOL token offers. Answer the following questions to understand the function of the token: what is a token use case? Why do users want or need the $KOL token? What value does the $KOL token bring to token holders? Questions regarding token functionality are also an important component of tokenomics, along with token metrics, circulation, and governance considerations.

Functions of the $KOL token:

Payment: the $KOL token is the only payment or value transfer method on the platform. Token Holders use $KOL to buy and sell items, and game characters and pay transaction fees on the NFT marketplace.

Staking: $KOL token holders will bring tokens to the stake to receive attractive rewards. The longer the staking time and the more initial investment, the more rewards you will receive. After 24 hours, users will receive rewards corresponding to the amount of $KOL staked.


- Interest is paid on $KOL, paid only on capital, and can be exchanged to USDT + BNB

- Minimum withdrawal amount is 20$

- 3% withdrawal fee

Feature access: the $KOL token gives holders access to premium features or capabilities on the platform, including membership features and discounts.

Affiliate Marketing: the right to receive a share of the revenue from fees, profits, or other value streams through the platform.

For example:

- A who develops 6 people at level 1 will enjoy 30% of the daily profit from the deposits of level 1 partners.

- A receives 20% of the daily profit from deposits of level 2 partners.

- A receives 10% of the daily profit from deposits of level 3 partners.

- A receives 5% daily profit from deposits of level 4 partners.

- A receives 5% of the daily profit from deposits of level 5 partners.

- A receives 5% daily profit from deposits of level 6 to level 20 partners,....

Note: Maximum income is 3 times of initial investment. If investors want to earn more commissions, they have to reinvest.

Supported assets: the $KOL token is mutable or represents claims to the underlying physical or digital asset.

The functions of the $KOL token are not mutually exclusive but will support each other. For example, the same token can grant token holders both access and exclusive discounts.

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